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about classes

hi there i have a new sugest for you guys make when u chose a human class make it like for a day or week cuz its to boring at the start of each map you should  chose a class and sometimes you forget to chose a class 

also i have another sugest when u type /get u get 200 ap and also 10k exp and tell the time wehn you are gonna type /get

in my view its pointless to make those changes, and if you dont like choosing human class every map and forget to take /get every 24 hours then its yout fault.
but lets see what others gonna say


Thanks for your suggestion.
Although I'm sure you could make so the class you choose saves as long as you don't derank (go below the required level to use that specific class), but I don't really see that as a necessary feature. You are first to complain about it being annoying, despite the fact that it literally takes seconds to choose a class appropriate to you. An alternative solution and possibly an easier one would be if the class menu opened automatically whenever you were a human and if you hadn't picked any class yet.

When it comes to the '/get' command, I do agree that a specific timestamp would be more convenient for everyone (when it would tell you when exactly you could use the command again), but the cooldown is nowhere near disproportionate. It takes exactly 24 hours before you can use this command again. An XP bonus doesn't sound like a bad idea.

Next time try to use the format given.

There is no need to change anything within the human class, however the /get command is available over the 24 hour period (1 day).

EDIT: [The /get command will be updated so that it gives ammo & 5-10k xp every 24 hour period, yet still to decide]

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