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New maps for zp

I want to suggest some maps for zp because its getting boring at least for me to just play deko2 , fox(v2) , foda(and the remake ver) and dust_world almost all the time. It feels like that these maps are on a rotation nonstop but every now and then a not so played map gets selected like 3rooms,cross etc.

Here are some maps that i picked:

zm_dust2_2x2 -
zm_dust_winter -
zm_battle_ground2 -
zm_cpl_mill_kamp -
zm_snowbase3 -

first two probably good

Yeah i would like to see the dust2_2x2 and the snowbase from that list, 2 good old maps!

I would also suggest some by myself:

zm_af-concert-2017_final -
zm_dead_house -
zm_ice_vk -
zm_dust_kamp_xmas -
zm_biohazard_base_mx -
zm_western -

including zm_dust2_2x2 & zm_snowbase3 from above

Hello there i have some suggestions that may help your community 

Up the chances of you getting the headcrab pet cuz its only 10% ho like 25 and decrease the dmg

Add more new guns like (Predator Bow) ( Quad Barrel) (M16A4) (Barlog MP5) 
Up the dmg of these guns they are hard to get and to expensive and to bad like Barlog deagle its bad i up the dmg like 400 per shot and 1000 special shot 
Up the dmg of the barlog gloves cuz they only do 200 to 300 dmg and thy cost 8k xp 
Up the dmg like 1000 and the special shot 3000

Hope you do any of these suggestions ??

The first one (dust2_2x2) would be appropriate for our server.

K i will buff ome guns

(05-24-2020, 03:27 PM)Karolis Wrote: K i will buff ome guns

And how about maps that the guy and dlarje suggested?

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