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Abusing islamdz privileges.

Your in-game nickname: GamerLTU
Admin's nickname: islamdz
Offense: Abusing Admin privileges
Server: L4D2 Swarm +GunXP
When i connected i seen he changing map when he dies and insulting. 

Greetings fellow gamer!

We appreciate your concerns, but your report is incomplete.
1) You must post the report in the appropriate section. In this instance, you are reporting an admin so please post the report in this section:
2) You have not presented any evidence whatsoever, therefore we cannot clarify, whether he was actually abusing his powers or not.

If you are unfamiliar with how to locate and upload the demo, I urge you to visit the 'faq' channel on our discord server. You will see all the necessary tutorials there.

- Declined.
-- Thread closed.

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