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New weapon

Hello everyone, since I really like this server and I want it to improve and become the best, I've came with a new idea that might be interesting :

1 : Zombie server
2 : I suggest to add a new Vip weapon 
3 : Add a new vip weapon level 3x ( 35 for ex )
4 : I've talked to another vip player, and he was disappointed too when he discovered that the thanatos 7 in the list was not for us, when your level is lower than 33 you can see the thanatos 7 but one you get the level it disappear Instead we have only a Newcommon weapon level 16 that I dont find really intersting.
Thanks a lot for reading! Smile

I can 50% Agree with you, at 1 point VIP doesn't seem to get that much of stuff but consider it is just a VIP.. so also don't expect for too much.
The higher privilege rank you buy the more you get of course.
But what I can actually agree with you is the newcommon can definitely can you use a buff, there are weapons who don't require from you having perms and they are way more powerful.
Al though, it is up to the Karolis to decide to either buffing the gun or adding a new ul.
So I just suggest be patient now and wait for him to decide.
[Image: XI50w7i.png]

Moderator | 3/April/2020 - Currently

Thanks for writing. I made so it would indicate guns now if u have not enough level it would write like what privilege you need.
Also about gun if u have any gun to suggest feel free. Or like the kelly told i will buff that gun.

Hey I suggest this weapons called : Rail Canon
here's a link of a video showing the weapon :
Tell me if interested.


Thanks for your suggestions; they both have been accepted and overlooked!

The 'Rail Cannon' weapon was successfully added in the game.
And the privilege weapons were made distinct and clear enough to see, which privilege is required to gain access to that weapon.

- Approved.
-- Thread closed.

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