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zombie plague suggestion

{> Zombie Plague Server Suggestion
{> Remove some commands and turn on the collision
{> Remove the amx chat for VIPS and normal players only and turn on the collision for zombies
{> The Suggestion should be accepted because sometimes Players who advertise like " PepSi : "you have 16000, write /xp" " which no  one gives a hammer about it.. and the collision for   zombies is good so they can go through each other so they can't block or team with humans.

Admin chat will be removed for vip,svips.
About transparency for zombies, idk about this if i would enable it zombies would become op. as imagine 5 zombies as 1 zombie as u know only 1 zombie will register the bullets.
Thanks for suggestions

I disagree about no collision with zombies. It will not be balanced agains the ct`s. Imagine when 6 zombies come together and start hiting your lm at the same time. They will demolish that lm in instant. While most usually ct will be at disadvantage because when you shoot at zombies the damage will go only to 1 zombie and the rest of them will be ignored.

Understandable... Thanks for Reply! , I Will make sure that i will find  Better ideas!  Big Grin

Hello! We appreciate your interests in the server and we are thankful for your suggestions.
Quote:{> Remove some commands and turn on the collision
It would be nice if you were actually specific when it comes to commands. There are plenty of commands available in the server, some or more useful than others, but there isn't really any unnecessary ones. Besides, I can't see how these commands could disturb anyone. Turn on the collision for what?
Quote:{> Remove the amx chat for VIPS and normal players only and turn on the collision for zombies
I would agree that amx_chat for VIPs seems relatively pointless, but your example wasn't the best. I would very much prefer that a player would use this command to help others, than to just mess around or abuse it. When it comes to collision with zombies -- it is absolutely needed. I do realise that it can become quite annoying when zombies are running into you or blacking the pathway, but the reality is that it would be quite a mess. I do have to mention that if semi-clip was indeed enabled zombies, in fact, wouldn't be able to hit the laser mine properly if multiple were inside each other. We already had semi-clip enabled for zombies and it was a disaster, which led us to disable it.

Your suggestions were fine and at least you had the patience to post a thread with suggestions on forums, and thank you for that!
Keep on making the suggestions and thanks for being interested in our community!

ye disable that amx_chat for vip and s.vips cause theres no need for them to use that

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