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Boosting Payment (SMS)

We are currently accepting boost payments, which can grant you Privileges / Ammo Packs (ZP) / Prestiges (Surf).

We only accept '' as the source for boosting our servers. When sending a message to boost the server, you have to include your nickname.
Other payment methods: 
Paypal -
Sms -

We only Accept SMS boost!
Privileges are added in all GamingHub Servers.

Due to boosting benefits for our community we have decided to raise the Price for privileges. Boosts are a 3rd part payment which does not bring us much benefits!

You can now boost for Ammo Packs in Zombe Plague server.
You can now boost for Prestiges in Surf server.

In order to boost the servers it would be suggested to contact @dlarje in private or better in discord: dlarje#0014

Boost Prices:

1xBoost = 1000 Ammo Packs for Zombie Plague server.
1xBoost = 1 Prestige (Equivalent of 150 000 XP) in Surf server.

1xBoost = VIP for 14 days.
2xBoost = VIP for 1 month.
3xBoost = S.VIP for 1 month.
5xBoost = ADMIN for 1 month.
8xBoost = S.ADMIN for 1 month.

#Updated 10/11/2019

#Updated at 25/04/2020

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