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How to...

Record a demo? The demos are being recorded automatically on all of our servers, you don't have to record anything.
Locate my demo? Press lmb (left mouse button) on the counter strike's icon, go to proporties and open the file selection, and go to the 'cstrike' folder, and search your demo.
Know which is the right demo? The demo has the same name as the server you were in. For instance, if you were playing on the dd2 server, search for a demo named 'ghubsdust2'.
Upload a demo? Go to any uploading site ( or are preferable) and upload the demo.
Get the offender's steamid? If you want to get someone's steamid, type 'status' in the console (without '').

The thread will remain opened. If you have any questions, type them below.
You can also find a visual perspective and a more detailed explanation on our discord server.

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