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Apply for staff now!


Welcome! We have decided to fully open the staff applications where anyone can apply for staff at any given time, but this will not be a traditional staff application where you have to post a thread and wait for others' opinions. To prevent any confusion (which usually leads to people copying only one part of the application and forgetting the other part), we have decided to make the applications on the google document. It is very easy to navigate, you simply need to provide an answer appropriate to the question and move to the next segment.

Whenever and if you decide to apply for staff, please be patient. The reviewal process could take up to two weeks and if you have not heard from any staff member after the period has passed, then it means that your staff application has been declined. We will only contact you privately if your application will be approved.

You are allowed to re-apply for staff once every 3 months!

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Apply for staff now! - by Frost - 05-01-2020, 12:06 PM

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